Although it was autumn, the weather is still hot. Under high temperature, the car to bear a high load operation, mechanical wear and aging tired than usual a lot worse... So, today Xiaobian to introduce several car maintenance tips, check it out!
1, interior to often clean, sterilization
High temperature many owners do not often open windows, and in order to air conditioning wind, and often only choose the inner loop. A long time, the car will become particularly turbid air, then, the interior will be particularly vulnerable to the breeding of bacteria. So, be sure to regularly clean the interior, in order to ensure the fresh air in the car.
You can buy some of the interior cleaning agents to clean, you can also go to the car beauty shop to carry out a thorough cleaning of the interior.
2, engine maintenance
We should try to choose some high viscosity oil, because the viscosity of oil will change with the increase of temperature. When the temperature is higher, the viscosity of oil will be decreased, the oxidation resistance becomes worse, and the oil film formed in the engine is thin and uneven, which is easy to cause trouble.
In addition, in order to ensure the sufficient lubrication conditions, should be based on the use of the range of temperature, the temperature of the engine and the actual condition chooses the corresponding viscosity lubricating oil.
3, to prevent the car from spontaneous combustion
High temperature and hot weather is also a high incidence of auto ignition accident. Spontaneous combustion of the car will not only cause economic losses, but also may cause casualties, need to pay more attention to. There are many reasons to cause the spontaneous combustion of automobile, such as engine fuel filter, line fault, power line aging and so on.
4, explosion-proof tires
Due to the higher temperature inside the tire pressure is high, the weather is hot, too high or too low tire pressure is easy to cause the tire abnormal heating moment expansion burst, so we must pay special attention to frequently check the tire pressure, which were maintained within the normal range.
In addition, in the long time driving or high speed tire easily overheat, but pressure increased, this time should stop heat, no gas pressure or water cooling.
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Daily car maintenance is directly related to the life and safety of the vehicle, if the car maintenance may be improper for the driver and passengers to bring a lot of security risks. Therefore, as a qualified owner, usually learn a few strokes of the car maintenance tips or very useful. Here are some of the maintenance of common sense, we want to help.
1, belt inspection
Start the car engine or in the process of driving the car, found that the belt ring, the reason is divided into two kinds: one is the belt has not adjusted for a long time, found in a timely manner to adjust. Another reason is the belt aging, need to replace the new belt.
2, air filter inspection
Air filter too dirty or blocked, will directly lead to increased fuel consumption, poor work and so on. Regular check the air filter, if found less dust, the blockage is not serious, can be used with high pressure air from the inside out of the net, continue to use, and over the dirty air filter should be replaced in a timely manner.
3, check the gasoline filter
If the oil supply is not found, should be timely check the fuel filter is blocked, found that the plug should be promptly replaced.
4, engine coolant level inspection
Wait for the engine to cool down, check the coolant level should be between full and low, if not, please immediately add distilled water, purified water or frozen liquid, the liquid level can not exceed the full. If the hair is a rapid decrease in the cooling fluid within a short period of time, it should be checked whether there is a leak or to the special car store inspection.
5, tire inspection
Tire pressure directly related to the safety performance of the tire, the tire pressure is too high or too low will cause bad results, high temperature in summer, the tire pressure should be low, the winter temperature is low, the tire pressure should be enough. Also check the tire cracking, the existence of security risks should be timely replacement tires, in the selection of new tires, tire model consistent with the original.
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MB Star C3.

Daily car maintenance is very important. A slight effect on daily maintenance will not only cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle, but also endanger the safety of traffic. On the contrary, if the daily work done carefully, not only can make the vehicle to maintain a regular new, but also to avoid traffic accidents. In fact, the daily maintenance work is very simple, simple is: clean, tighten, check, supplement.
One, clean
The air contains a lot of dust, sediment and acidic substances, not only easy to leak oil adhesion, easy to form the high temperature baking insulating layer hard, the heat dissipation performance of parts of the variation, and it is prone to electrostatic adsorption and the erosion of the body paint, paint and oxide.
We should not only pay attention to the general clean car paint clean, also want to pay attention to the car interior, car engine, car air conditioning and cleaning wheel etc..
Two, fastening the vehicle after cleaning, it is to be on the connection of the fastening. Due to vibration, bumps and swing of the dry line, the connection piece is bound to be loose and wear. Therefore, in the daily maintenance should be timely tightening. The connecting piece fastening daily work is directly related to traffic safety, especially the important parts of steering, braking, transmission, must not be let down. If the engine around the joint of the hose to tighten, anti oil leakage. Secondly, fasten all the lines and connectors for electric equipment, electric equipment to work normally prevent open circuit and short circuit and ground effect etc.. Again, the main connection parts for inspection and fastening, such as the generator drive belt, steering linkage brake device connection point, the transmission system and tires, etc..
Three, check the connection parts, should check the oil liquid height and quality, because the liquid at high temperature will gradually loss and oxidation and lead to lower level of the liquid and performance change. 1, check the battery level.
With a diameter of 5 N 6mm tubes from the liquid inlet and the vertical force to screen after contact is closed with the thumb of the lift tube tube, measuring the height of liquid column is the battery level, standards should be 10 N 15mm. 2, check the oil level height of the car cold dipstick out, wipe, into oil pan bottom, after observing the height between the upper and lower line. The car should be stalled, the oil into the oil pan after measurement. 3, check the coolant level the height of the car cold cooling liquid in the tank is full, the expansion tank level should be in line. The hot liquid height should be slightly higher than. 4, check the brake fluid, liquid level to unscrew the bolts, direct observation of liquid level in the specified range of markings. 5, check the quality of oil, whether it is the oil, can use the following methods to check.
(1) the appearance of law: check oil samples taken, if more transparent, not that serious pollution; if a fog, while oil seeps in the water; if a grey, may be lead or other abrasive contamination; if is black, it is polluted by high temperature exhaust gas. (2) diffusion method: a drop of oil samples will be taken on the filter paper, if the diffusion is very wide and there is no obvious difference between the oil droplets and the diffusion zone, it shows that the oil is clean and good.
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For a particular brand of car, due to the use of zero with the same quality control, according to a unified standard, and on the same production line assembly in accordance with the strict process, so the performance index of each engine, there is no significant difference. However, in actual use, the service life of each engine is not the same, some use 500 thousand km without overhaul, and some are less than 100 thousand km, the engine will appear, burning oil, etc.. The same production line produced products, why there will be such a big difference?
The key lies in the proper use and maintenance of the car.
So in the daily use of the car, how to do to do the correct operation and maintenance of it?
1 pay attention to the new car of the close period
Go together in the new period, the engine parts cooperate with each other to rough surface will be removed, gradually formed a relatively smooth surface, improves the surface quality of the parts and the fitting accuracy, to work under normal load. So the working condition of the engine is directly related to the service life of the engine. Vehicle must pay attention to during the period of.
The high speed is prohibited. The car at the speed of the vehicle shall not exceed 70% of the maximum speed of the engine. Long time high speed is not allowed.
The non overload operation, not allowed to overload. As soon as the engine works, it is changed into low gear.
The engine started, not allowed to slam on the accelerator pedal, until the water temperature reaches the normal humidity, then a smooth start. Straight from a block must be used.
I don't drive in a bad way, reduce vibration and shock. In driving should reduce the sudden acceleration caused by overload phenomenon, such as emergency brake, long time brake or use the engine brake, etc.. As far as possible to choose a good road speed, the best results.
Note that the engine coolant temperature, oil level, found that failure to promptly eliminate.
Go right after the end of a car go maintenance.
2 adhere to the first warm car, after the start
Some drivers in the start of the car, often by a few feet close to the accelerator, so that the engine running. As everyone knows, this will cause great damage to the engine parts. Because the engine starting (especially cold start), the engine working humidity is low, the internal parts surface does not achieve sufficient lubrication, if the engine high work load, make the internal parts wear increase, change with the normal clearance.
Good driving habits should be after the engine start, the first pre heating, so that the engine coolant to reach the normal operating temperature (at least to reach more than 50 degrees Celsius), and then to improve.
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A car is convenient for people's life, but also so many do not understand the car owners think car beauty and maintenance is very troublesome, in fact, car beauty and maintenance although time spent, if the owners find the right method for the project can also be a lazy car, also can let the car stay beautiful and good performance.
1 reasonable purchase of insurance
Many owners in the purchase of auto insurance, often buy "excess insurance (Fang Xinbao)" and "inadequate insurance". Excess insurance, the insurance limit is higher than the actual value of the insurance subject, such as the purchase of a $120 thousand car, the insured amount of 300 thousand yuan stolen, if the total loss, the compensation is only 120 thousand yuan. The "insurance law" thirty-ninth paragraph second: the insurance amount shall not exceed the insured value, exceed insurance value, excess is invalid, i.e. the insured can get appropriate compensation for the loss of the subject-matter insured, but not because of the purchase of insurance to get beyond the subject-matter of the insurance value of income from. In addition, the full amount of insurance, the insured amount is less than the actual value of the insured value, this situation will be paid in proportion".
2 imports of tires is not necessarily the best choice
Car in the driving, in fact, to the four tires. However, in the purchase of various brands of imported tires, some people will inevitably enter the purchase of the erroneous zone. Many consumers out of psychological factors, more willing to choose the original imports of tires. In fact, the introduction of new tires abroad for domestic users, the price is too high, and it does not necessarily apply.
3 adequate for tire inflation
Correcting the tire pressure is the most important part of the safety inspection. Low tire pressure will result in abnormal wear or damage the tire tire pressure is too high, will make the tires and wheels are more susceptible to the impact of the uneven pavement deformation, or even cause a puncture. Tire pressure must be checked regularly, in addition to the spare tire, the other at least two weeks to check again, and tire pressure check must be conducted in the tire cooling conditions, otherwise the high temperature will make the tire pressure increased, the amount of up to. Also don't forget to regularly check the spare tire pressure is normal.
Master these you can easily keep your car in good condition.
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The new owner of the best he has a record of the new owner of the car himself is best to have a detailed record. For example, when traveling to 5000 km, what to do in the maintenance, up to 40 thousand kilometers, whether the change of brake and so on, must be aware of. For each car maintenance, replacement of parts, are recorded in detail, like the "record card", be well aware of the car. The author also reminded the new owner, must spend some time to see the car's manual, a detailed understanding of the use and maintenance instructions about the car, and to read it as much as possible, in addition also should see more models of the forum, many of the old owners will be a lot of new car owners do not know the practical function the rich network of resources are of great help for better driving, car. Glass quickly remove fog inside the cold weather, sitting in the car too much, the temperature inside the car, the car is easy to produce gas, the glass is easy from the mist, blocking the driver's line of sight, the hidden potential danger. To solve this problem, then, put the switch to wind blowing the front windshield, with hot air, usually to open a file you can; if there is fog on the train, the first open air conditioning, fog soon dissipated, and then open hot air. The tips for autumn and winter travel is also very practical. Often check the oil and water to suggest that the new car should be mainly formed every week to check a good habit of oil and water, to see if they are not enough, the leakage does not leak. If it's not enough, make sure why. Car maintenance knowledge in general, if the decline is not large, basically belong to the normal loss. The oil circuit includes brake oil, gear box oil, engine oil, etc.. Some cars, the gearbox oil can not see, the owner can see where there is no parking leaking. Each run long distance, but also should be fully detected in the car's water, cooling liquid, etc., if the sun, but also check the rain enough to scrape the water.
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LAUNCH X431 Creader VII+ Code Scanner Global Version (Instead of CRP123)

First, we must learn to drive car to learn to find their own fault ""
Car in the use of the process, it is inevitable failure. For experienced drivers, usually can be "one step" to find the problem. And most people are helpless in the face of failure. Now learn to look for trouble.
Vehicle failure can be roughly divided into three parts:
One circuit fault; two is the oil circuit fault; three is the driving system failure, such as steering, braking, transmission parts, etc..
Among them, the circuit fault is divided into high voltage circuit and low-voltage circuit fault. In practical use, the fault of the vehicle is about 60% circuit failure, 30% in the oil circuit, most of these failures can be ruled out of their own. Only about 10% is the driving system failure, which is a mechanical failure, most of the time when the vehicle can travel, should go to the nearest special maintenance station repair.
When you are driving in the failure, one should not worry, two is not busy hands, first look at the relevant fault indicator to reflect the situation. Quiet down to the heart, analysis of the phenomenon of failure, ask a few why? Method of judgment and identification of oil circuit fault has two: one is driving on the way is stalled suddenly or slowly flameout, suddenly turn off mostly circuit fault; slowly flameout, or the vehicle continuously "jump" phenomenon, mostly circuit fault. Two is the "test fire", if there is no central high pressure fire, sub cylinder fire, it is a circuit failure, such as high pressure fire, the problem is in the oil circuit. And mechanical failure is mostly accompanied by abnormal sound, sound with the speed of the speed and change, stop the sound disappeared, and the oil circuit is not directly related to the fault.
With "by paragraph of the negative law", "focus" locked in a specific place, first figure out what kind of fault is the first to see whether the external anomaly. If the wire is not open, short circuit, there is no loose connection parts; engine, there is no wire burning smell, oil pipeline has no oil leakage, etc..
It is worth mentioning that the car now mostly EFI car, electronic control of combustion, less failure, contrary to the old carburetor car fault probability. Remember, the EFI cars such as circuit failure, often requires a dedicated computer tester, the driver should not do it yourself, so as not to damage the circuit program.
LAUNCH X431 Creader VII+ Code Scanner Global Version (Instead of CRP123)
LAUNCH X431 Creader VII+ Code Scanner Global Version is developped for insteading of LAUNCH Creader CRP123.It is compatiable for vehicles from 1996 to now via OBD.LAUNCH Creader VII+ has functions of read/clear codes,data stream graphic,store and playback of dynamic data stream.
LAUNCH X431 Creader VII+ Code Scanner Global Version also have below highlights:
1.Internet update to cover newest models.
2.Multi language supported: English,French,Spanish ( will be more languages in future)
Functions details of LAUNCH X431 Creader VII+ Code Scanner Global Version:
Applicable for all vehicles which match OBDII standard after 1996II
Supports all 10 test modes of the OBD
Display DTC help information and service information
Oxygen sensor test, carbon canister test
OBDII Data Stream Graphic Display
Cover more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions
Can test Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag systems
Read DTC
Clear DTC
Read Dynamic Data Stream
Support Online Upgrade
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