Renault Can Clip.

1 let the engine idling a few seconds to moderate.
In the cold weather before driving engine idling a few seconds, to ensure proper flow and engine oil lubrication. Why hot? Because the parked car after a long time, engine oil back into the oil pan, the engine when the upper part of the lack of lubrication oil in the car after a while, the oil pump operation, then the oil transported to the need to lubricate the piston and connecting rod etc..
2 check the tire surface, with tire don't use.
If the tire wear is severe or irregular wear, it may indicate that the wheel alignment problem or the front part has been worn. Don't tire with the so-called "injured" tire is generally refers to the tire on the side wall of the leak, the owners in the daily driving path is more complex, so a puncture phenomenon can hardly be avoided. The tire is generally positive prick leak can be repaired, can also fill after normal use, but if the tire side wall or side wall of the tire and tire surface angle of the leak cannot be repaired, even fix it don't use. Daily traffic should frequently check whether the tire damage, such as: the surface of tire is pinned, cut phenomenon, once the damage was found to timely repair or replacement. If you find that there are a number of tire tread groove, etc., but also to remove in time to avoid the deformation of the tire crown. In addition, do not let the tire contact with oil and chemicals.
Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool Plus Newest Software
This is Probe Renault CAN Clip diagnosing & programming tool for Renault cars from 1998-2015, the newest software is V151 provide multiple languages, support ISO and CAN, with full chip PCB always stable quality.
Highlights of Porbe Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool Plus Newest Software
1. Software version: V151
2. Best Can Clip with full chip PCB support ISO and CAN
3. Diagnose Renault cars (1998-2015) including automatically test all Renault models' computers, reporgramming, airbag test and other functions
4. The firmware can be updated in future by newer software, NO 20% block problem
Renault can Clip Diagnostic Tool Installing Steps:
1. Please make sure your laptop is WINXP or WIN7 32 Bit system because Probe Renault CAN Clip does not run 64 bit system. We recommend WIN7 32 Bit system because it is more easy to install drivers.
2. Please install Crack BEFORE installing setup.exe. You can sellect the language you want in this process.
3.After finishing Installation, DO NOT run your CLiP!!!
4.copy the RSRwin.ext to C:CLIP_X91LibApplication
5. Then run your CLiP, choose "Register me now" and in the next
Windows,please select "NO"!
6. Use this Key for Registration: 333DEF-111DEF-111DEF-222DEF-221DEF-000DEF
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Ford-VCM OBD Diagnostic High Quality

BMW ICOM ISTA A+B+C Firmware Only - Car Diagnostic Tool Supplier

With the growing maturity of automotive technology, speaking of the initiative to change. We should not unfamiliar, but the principle of their work is clear, here I am for you a rough introduction one or two Active steering is developed by BMW independent research and development due to the high cost, mainly loaded in the BMW intermediate car, such as the 5 Series 7 series X and GT The working principle of active steering is battery valve "variable differential motor controlled by ECU, to complete the transmission and planetary gear ratio, thereby changing the steering angle of output, generally speaking is when the vehicle in the steering wheel, from the left to the right end of a total of 2 times in the direction (to reduce the driver's actions. Rotate the tires, and thus a more efficient operation of mobile vehicle location easier) When the vehicle is running, the vehicle speed rises, the steering wheel from left to right, the total number of about 4 laps (the purpose is to adjust the angle of the tire more subtle angle, in order to complete a slight movement) .

and you can use the Ford-VCM OBD Diagnostic Interface High Quality

Ford-VCM OBD Diagnostic Interface is professional device for ford vehicles, Ford-VCM OBD has the most functions of ford vcm ids, it is the mini version of ford vcm ids. Ford-VCM OBD works on ford car by OBD2 port directly.It is designed for ford, mazda and other few brand cars, really working very well with those cars 1996-2010, some 2011 cars.

Ford-VCM OBD is diagnostic programmer for Ford vehicles 1996-2010. It can connect to various electronic control units (ECUs) and display identification, read and clear fault code memory, display and record measured values and perform actuator tests, some key programmer, etc.

Key features:

1.Support for wide range of ECUs and models
2.Easy connection via smart USB to OBD2 interface
3.Wide range of communication protocols and buses covered: 4.J1850 PWM, ISO, CAN
5.Automatic ECU recognition
6.Automatic vehicle scan
7.ECU Identification
8.Fault code (DTC) reading
9.Fault code clearing
10.Measured vaules / live data
11.Live data recording
12.Diagnostic protocol printing
13.Actuator tests
14.Control unit coding
15.PATS Immobilizer operations
16.Flash and serial memory programming

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1 pay attention to check the battery, the proposed change every four years.
If the battery has been used for more than four years, pay special attention to check if it can work properly and replace it, maybe it will strike in extreme weather. The capacity and discharge capacity of the car battery will decline after 2 years. General car battery life will not be more than 4 years. Of course, the maintenance of good battery life will be longer. In most parts of China, a good lead acid battery is not a freezing phenomenon. Car owners should pay more attention to the vehicle's battery, regularly check the battery status, to avoid excessive discharge battery. Such as the battery life has arrived, and found that the vehicle is difficult to start, headlight brightness, etc., to replace the battery as soon as possible.
2 regular replacement of oil filter, each time the replacement of oil filter oil filter.
Oil filter as a filter, oil filter is basically replace the oil, you need to replace the filter at the same time, of course, if it is normal to replace oil non periodic depends. Replace the full flow type oil filter, the paper filter. After a long time use of the paper filter, the filter efficiency will drop, the oil pressure through the filter will be greatly reduced. Although the pressure decreased to a certain extent, the filter bypass valve opens, the oil will enter through the bypass circuit to prevent the oil shortage, but this time to enter the oil oil unfiltered, causing pollutants into the oil, increase the wear of machine parts.
BMW ICOM A+B+C ISTA ISIS ISID is the latest version tool for programming, diagnosing, coding and complete system for BMW group which replace DIS GT1/SSS/OPS and OPPS. All BMW series (include Mini and Rolls-Ryce) can be processed with the ICOM-A, B and C-modules.
Please note: We do NOT sell BMW ICOM with mobile HDD, because software in mobile HDD is in VMWARE version whose running speed is very low and need complicated settings. We can give you vmware software FOR FREE if you need that.
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VOLVO VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool Has High Quality

1 carefully read the owner's manual, according to the specific circumstances of the vehicle using the vehicle.
Although there are owners manual look too much head, and more boring, but the absolute use of the car has a great help. Take the time to carefully read the owner's manual, familiar with the manufacturer's recommendations and help, it is necessary to. In fact, the owner of the maintenance manual is very important, it allows you to learn a lot of knowledge of the car, especially for novice more practical. Many owners will be due to the small fault to the 4S shop for processing, in fact, some small problems in the owner's manual will be able to find the answer. In fact, there are a lot of things is very useful, all kinds of symbols in the vehicle what use, instrumentation and control mechanism, child safety precautions, the new 1500 km running and running after driving notes, in the "owner's Manual" can be found on the maintenance. In the purchase of a new car after, be sure to read the "owner's Manual" maintenance seriously, especially for the novice, if you are not familiar with the vehicle, the owner will not only lead to run 4S shop, spend more time and money, but also cause damage to the vehicle itself. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of vehicles are in accordance with the "owner maintenance manual" on the implementation of the standard.
2 check the spark plug, travel 20000-30000 km that should be replaced.
The spark plug is used to introduce the pulse high voltage electric power produced by the ignition coil into the combustion chamber, and the electric spark ignited by the electrode is used to ignite the mixture and complete combustion. Spark plug electrodes normal color is gray white, such as electrode black and accompanied by burning coke, then there is a fault. Spark plug is easy to consume, the general travel 20000-30000 km that should be replaced. Spark plug replacement is not a sign of fire, or electrode discharge due to ablation and into a circular. In addition, as found in the use of frequently spark deposition, off the fire, usually because of the spark plug is too cold, to be used for hot spark plug; if the issue of the impact of the sound of hot ignition phenomenon or cylinder, you need to use cold type spark plug.
VOLVO VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool At High Quality
Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Communication Equipment, is a tool that is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle. Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software. Software version:2014D.
1. Our Volvo Vida Dice diagnostic tool is in original PCB board desigin (Not cheap J2534). You can use any cracked software you download from internet to our Vida Dice. The firmware can be updated.
2. It was made by high quality IC chips to make sure if has full function.
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Car key programmer

1 check the belt, replace the lubricating oil at the same time to check, to avoid causing the engine to reduce performance or fault.
At the front of the engine, there are several belts, each of which has an important role to play. In the engine, running through the belt drive auxiliary equipment, such as compressor, air conditioner, alternator, power steering pump etc.. If the belt is broken, or the slip, will make the related auxiliary loss of function, or the performance decline, which affects the normal use of the car. Belt inspection method is very simple. First check the tension of the belt, then you can use the thumb, a strong push of the belt between the 2 belt pulley. According to the pressure of about 10kg or so, if the pressure of the belt in the 10mm or so, it is thought that the belt tension on the right.
2 periodic inspection of the effectiveness of shock absorber, to avoid unexpected vehicle out of control.
If the shock absorber loss, car shock will be great, if in the long road, the vibration is too large, the car hit the chassis, it is extremely serious. When the car has been traveling to 25 thousand km away, you can conduct self inspection. Self inspection method is very simple, as long as the force in the upper part of each wheel pressing, and then let go, watching the car will bounce a few times.
Stop the car in the shock absorber bounce two times, if the car bounces more than two times, said the shock absorber has. If not in time to replace, it will lead to unnecessary tire wear, and even lead to the vehicle out of control.

SBB Transponder Key Programmer Newest Version
–programming new keys
–reading keys from immobilizers memory
–deactivating keys no longer in the car owners possession
–operation by means of a menu guided programming
–programming new remote controls
–software with full database containing all the most important vehicle makes.
SBB Transponder Key Programmer V33.02 is a new device used as a portable unit for programming keys in immo units on vehicles. Due to its integrated hardware SBB needs no more than the OBDII cable provided to carry out a wide range of functions.
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LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Samsung Galaxy N8000 N8010

Driving slowly after days and months multiplying, special vehicles will also appear some small problems. When there are some big problems for special vehicles must find a repair shop repair, this is beyond doubt. For some small problems, special vehicle drivers can solve their own do not have to find a repair shop, but also can save costs. If the car traveling on the highway, suddenly broke down on the halfway, it is a matter of how embarrassing. Special car suddenly appeared five kinds of small problems, special vehicle driver can handle their own emergency, resolve embarrassment.
Valve spring break
Can be taken off the spring, the two section of the broken off, you can use the. If the spring is broken into a number of sections, the cylinder can be in the intake, exhaust valve adjustment screws removed, so that the valve to keep the closed state, so that the special vehicle cylinder to stop working.
Two, leakage of water leakage
According to trachoma size, choose the appropriate size of the electrical fuse, gently hammer to smash his hand into the sand hole, can remove oil spills, Water Leakage.
Three, oil pipe rupture
The pipe burst can be ruptured when clean, soap, cloth or fabric wrapped around the pipe rupture, and tied with wire, then coated with a layer of soap.
Four, fuel tank damage
Motor vehicles in use, found that the fuel tank leak, the oil spill can be wiped clean, with soap or bubble gum on the oil spill, temporarily blocked; with epoxy resin adhesive patch, better results.
Five, inlet and outlet hose rupture
Rupture is available, fabric coated with a layer of soap will be at Water Leakage bandage; such as rupture of large, ruptured hose can be cut off in the middle of a bamboo or iron, and tied with wire.
A good old saying “do it yourself, have ample food and clothing”, learn some basic maintenance special vehicle fault, solve the trouble on the highway. In daily traffic, the special vehicle drivers have to do regular maintenance and inspection of the car, reduce the failure rate of the car.

LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Samsung Galaxy N8000 N8010
LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Samsung Galaxy N8000 N8010 is from LAUNCH's special design for technicians who want to use galaxy tablet to diagnosing cars.It is with powerful functions of diagnosing. Internet updating and data base function makes it to be more easy to use.

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SBB Transponder Key Programmer

1 check oil
It is also easy to check the oil, but for the precision measurement, it is necessary to make sure the engine is cool and park the car in the flat. The position determined, using the dipstick (usually yellow or orange handle is inserted into the engine).
Pull out the dipstick, and a roll of paper to dry, do not drop. Again to repeat the operation, and then take out again. At this point the oil stops at a place between the minimum and maximum values. If it is located at the maximum or near maximum, then everything is fine.
2 make up the oil
If you show the oil dipstick near the minimum value then you have to add some oil. In order to avoid engine damage and warranty failure, you have to choose the correct label of the oil line. This point is written in the manual, and the dealer will also tell you the relevant information.
Oil labels are usually represented in numbers and letters, such as 10W-30, and synthetic and non synthetic oils.
In engine cooling, found oil cover (top engine, a pot logo). Before opening the cover, it is better to clean up the surrounding dust and slag, to avoid falling into the engine.
After opening the cover, use the funnel to pour the oil into the engine. Wait for a moment and the dipstick depth measurement. Value should be less than the maximum value. If there is a need, then add, but do not pack too full. Remove the cover and the dipstick, wipe out the oil droplets.
SBB Transponder Key Programmer Newest Version
--programming new keys
--reading keys from immobilizers memory
--deactivating keys no longer in the car owners possession
--operation by means of a menu guided programming
--programming new remote controls
--software with full database containing all the most important vehicle makes.
SBB Transponder Key Programmer V33.02 is a new device used as a portable unit for programming keys in immo units on vehicles. Due to its integrated hardware SBB needs no more than the OBDII cable provided to carry out a wide range of functions.
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