Nissan Livina engine fault light on, has black smoke

With mileage of about 33,000 km of Nissan Livina. The car engine fault lights, exhaust odor, black smoke, engine speed instability, and jitter. The vehicle is a used car, after driving a period of mileage with this situation, by carefully check this car is a accident car, not have 4S shop repaired records.


Diagnosis: Confirmed failure, at first, engine failure lights, depress the accelerator pedal, engine speed just only increase to 2500 rpm, by judged there are two conditions can cause this failure, first, the air flow sensor is damaged; second, the sensor circuit is open shorted. Use CONSULT 3 read engine fault code is DTCP0113, intake air temperature sensor and P0102 mass air flow sensor. View ESM Livina repair manuals, possible causes are: MAF sensor harness open or short circuit, the intake leak, MAF sensor is damaged.

  • Strictly in accordance with the maintenance manual to check air intake system is no abnormal;
  • Check the circuit diagram and check MAF power, signal line and the intake air temperature sensor harness are normal;
  • When check MAF sensor harness found sensor plugs damaged, suspected plugs damaged caused plugs and sensor poor contact, after repair MAF plug, then clear fault codes, fault does not exist;
  • Since the intake air temperature sensor and MAF sensor as a whole, so the failure may be caused by a problem. Restart the engine fault light up again. Use CONSULT 3 III read fault codes DTC also is P0113, P0102. Since the harness is conducting, after replaced with new MAF sensor fault is still there.
  • This car is the car accident, and check the engine computer pins normal, no damage phenomenon, found plug has excessive stains phenomenon, clean the plug stains, after connection ECV plugs, clear fault code, fault disappear.

Maintenance Summary: caused the car failure, is not careful when repair, no careful cleaning stains and plugs inside stains, caused plug poor contact generated MAF sensor into fail-safe mode, causing the engine fault light on.

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