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Several methods of automobile anti-theft car is most worried about the car theft, some owners even dressed in ordinary car, a Volkswagen, which do not want to cause the attention of thieves. But as everyone knows, this "popular" car is creating a condition for the thieves. You think, the thieves drove your car on the street, into the car of the ocean, where to go! You can also look at the car couldn't hire two bodyguards. Or another way to think of it. The shot when the shot - the installation of many owners of the anti-theft device will think of money to install anti-theft devices. Car anti-theft devices currently on the market to sell various types, the use of the principle of a mechanical, electronic and hydraulic; anti-theft lock the way the steering wheel, brake and throttle lock lock lock lever, and even lock the wheels. Kan Youbo automotive experts told reporters that some cars with anti-theft devices, such as Poussin, Audi, Honda, Buick and so on, do not need to install their own; there are a number of cars with no alarm, these cars in order to avoid interference when installing the original circuit, such as fire, should pay attention to the following points: one is to be installed in accordance with the circuit diagram; the two is to really understand the circuit diagram; three is the connection point must be welded firmly. Some owners may want to ask, then my car is suitable for what type of anti-theft device? Relevant experts believe that this should be a concrete analysis of the specific circumstances. 1 special doors and premium car locks can now buy a variety of special locking nut, can protect the wheels and tires, to avoid theft. Your car and the vehicle in front luggage compartment cover can also install special lock. If you have a small van, four wheel drive car with a spare tire outside, it is best to lock it with the body. 2 security reinforcement of this type of security reinforcement is easy to buy. For example, a bent handle lock, it is with two elbow with a lock connected to a steel rod. You can hook at one end of the steering wheel, the other end to bypass the clutch or brake pedal lock after them. This kind of anti-theft reinforcing device using non-standard picklock specifically to deal with the lock, but it will bring you some inconvenience, such as when you leave the car and had to take time to lock it, and don't use it when you have to find a place in the store. 3 to prevent the installation of such devices in the thieves attempt to drive away your car, you can cut off the ignition or supply pipeline. The ignition device is cut off as if it were attached to an ignition switch. Your car won't start unless you activate the hidden switch. 4. You'd better take a look at all of the existing car alarm systems, and know which system is both economical and fully protected. 5 new anti-theft devices in the market often a variety of new anti-theft devices, such as "credit card" system. The installation of this device, you need to pull out the card, the car's three separate circuits will be cut off, no card can not start the car. The brain is thinking: breakdown of law while the automobile anti-theft device for anti-theft thieves set some obstacles, but you also don't sleep without any anxiety. Individual car thief, or can you crack the anti-theft device. What should I do? Here are some of the owners have experienced some painful lessons after the summary of the law, you can try. 1 when you are not in the car, whether it is a few minutes, are determined not to leave the key on the ignition, be sure to turn off the car, get off the key. If the window, open the sunroof, that is equal to the thief to an opportunity, so remember must be shut down, the window to shake tight. 2 general car keys have spare, you must think do not put the spare key in the car, no matter where the car is, the thief will find. At this point you can not be careless. 3 if your car is the standard door lock knob, suggest you change into a thin knob, so with a coat hanger or wire could not lift it. 4 when you drive to public places, do not turn the car into a parking space, so it is easy to make the opportunity to make the car keys. 5 make sure that your car's luggage compartment, door, and ignition lock with a different lock, that means the thief has to have three keys, not a drive to drive your car away. Parking 6 parking, try to avoid the car parked in a dimly lit or sparsely populated areas. But sometimes in the case cannot but must put the car parked in the hidden place, you'd better put the car in your car, so thieves pry, easy to be found. Tip: when the car should be open to the open terrain, a single line, a wide range of pedestrians, parking wheels turn a certain angle. Parking at night to stop in the bright place, so the thief to waiting to start, after car theft is not easy to leave the scene soon, escape the search field. 7 don't put the car parked in violation of the place, otherwise you can not in a short period of time to determine the car is stolen or towed away by police. 8 If due to special circumstances (such as travel, etc.) the car parked outside for a long time, it is better to take the rotor inside the distributor, or remove an ignition wire, so even if the door being open, also stole the car is not easy. 9 you can see a vehicle body set outsiders difficult to lift the small fault or authority, such as adding organs in the engine starting line, car door locks, such as oil, increase the difficulty to the thief, the vehicle is difficult to start, can not be stolen. 10 car accessories, such as fuel tanks, lamps, batteries, spare tires and so on should be in the connection.

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