Rotunda Ford IDS VCM With Full Functions

A 2006 Changan Ford FOCUS, the Aluminum Alloy engine, DOHC, 16 valve, electronic control IMRC and IMSC solar term door, inlet, COP four cylinder gasoline engine ignition system. After driving a more than 40 thousand km, found that when the vehicle burst into the car, the instrument fault lights are not bright, with IDS Ford car dedicated detector is not detected in the fault code.
Fault diagnosis: the owner to a service station, directly to the reception desk to the engine in addition to carbon. In the car to the repair shop maintenance, technical maintenance personnel on the car after the inspection found that the car has been repaired after the new traces, repair technicians read send workers to ask the owner: what is the fault of the car? According to the owners reflect the fault phenomenon in 1 weeks ago, when the owner is sent to another Changan Ford special service station for maintenance, the special service station was detected to confirm the fault phenomenon, found no abnormal fault. Recommended for owners to clean the throttle and cylinder in addition to carbon, replace the spark plug. Because the owner is too expensive, and the maintenance of the car can not guarantee the fault exclusion, the car drove to a car repair shop. After the repair plant maintenance, the fault phenomenon is still in, there is no way to solve the problem of the car burst. Because the maintenance plant is not in addition to carbon equipment, the owner of the other FOCUS car owners to introduce a friend to repair the service technician's service station maintenance. According to the owner of the narrative, to understand this reason, the maintenance technician to their car IDS detection, also did not find the fault code. Have to carry on the road test, in order to determine the authenticity of this fault. In the road test, the maintenance technician found that when the car drove to 40km/h there is instantaneous burst phenomenon, after the 40km/h and good, and when the (120km/h) is also very normal. Run back, maintenance technicians on the issue of analysis, if the cylinder too much Coke, the car should be hard to start, idle speed should be affected, the mixed gas should not wait for a phenomenon, while the car exhaust and other vehicles in comparison, there is no exception, the car cold start, stable idle speed. This car is a single ignition (ignition is the single cylinder engine firing order and work order, each cylinder has a ignition coil), suspected that there might be a 1-2 ignition coil sometimes off the fire, replacing the 4 new ignition coil posterior test, this fault has disappeared. Let the owner after the test, car speakers have normal. Then, the maintenance technician one by one to install the old ignition coil, found that 1 cylinder ignition coil has a problem.
Fault summary: then why IDS failed to detect this fault? PCM can not detect the ignition coil failure, this is because the fault monitoring circuit can only detect the ignition trigger signal is normal, the ignition amplifier and the ignition coil can not monitor the work.
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Ford IDS VCM is a high performance, rugged, vehicle serial communications gateway.It is a professional Diagnose & Program tools for Ford group include Lincoln,Mecury,Mazda,Jaguar,Land Rover etc.
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