Mercedes Benz MB Star C3 Diagnosis With Latest Software

Mercedes Benz automatic transmission fault repair
First, the failure of the phenomenon
A Mercedes 300E car, driving speed of 45 km per hour when the engine suddenly idling. The rear axle and the transmission power is clearly out of touch, check oil level transmission, has not observed on the oil dipstick. From the oil pan and transmission oil, only about 5 liters of oil, but also serious black accompanied by burning, preliminary diagnosis of clutch friction plate, block burn. In the case of non dynamic transmission, the transmission oil and filter to replace the filter, and then measured with a pressure gauge, the pressure is normal, but through the road test, the fault still exists.
Two, fault analysis: Beijing Bo Rui car repair transmission maintenance department
After analyzing the reasons of the fault phenomena, fault is the transmission oil, in the clutch engagement, because of insufficient pressure in a semi connected state, while accelerating the friction plate to rotate at high speed, high temperature damage and the plate friction.
Remind note
1, always check the oil level transmission;
2, travel mileage to maintain, be sure to change the transmission and filter;
3, when the transmission has the abnormal phenomenon, should immediately repair, not to travel, to avoid causing unnecessary damage.
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