Latest FGTECH Galletto 4 BDM-TriCore-OBD With All Adaptors

ECU electronic control unit, also known as "traffic computer", "car" and so on. From the use of speaking, it is a special computer controller for automobile. It is the same as the ordinary computer, by the microprocessor (CPU), memory (ROM, RAM), input / output interface (I/O), analog digital converter (A/D) and plastic, drive and other large scale integrated circuit.
In the realization of various functions of the car, ECU has played an important role in the control and calculation, such as the active suspension system also has its own independent ECU.
Modified ECU, is to change the way through the treatment of the problem (originally set a good ECU program), to achieve the purpose of changing the engine running. The so-called "ECU program", is actually a set of algorithms, it is stored in memory, the signal from the input device by the controller and converted to the command signal processing to generate the corresponding output from the transmission equipment, go out. So, we modify the parameters of the ECU, in fact, is to modify the algorithm. By rewriting the driving computer program, to enhance the power, increase horsepower, torque or reduce fuel consumption, optimize the performance of the vehicle.
As a modern car to adapt to the weather and environment (such as plateau, desert, cold and harsh conditions such as poor quality gasoline) and a variety of different requirements of the driver, but also to ensure that still can travel through the exhaust gas, write and draw freely as one wishes and stringent fuel economy standards in this complex situation, so in most cases, the original ECU the program is the best compromise with a number of conditions.
ECU tuning is to buy a car to provide a service. Because each car factory are not the same, and some vehicles using technology may not meet actual requirements, adjust the driving computer (ECU) in addition to allow the engine to increase the output power, acceleration and stability, but also can make the car better adapt to the relevant section of road and environment.
ECU upgrade effect through the adjustment of the program can make the car to achieve the best state, mainly in terms of power performance and reduce fuel consumption.
After the upgrade, the power to enhance the 8%-36%, reduce fuel consumption 5%-25%, as follows:
A. Naturally aspirated models can increase horsepower 8~15%;
B. TURBO models can increase the horsepower 20~36%, even more;
C. Automatic block models, shifting more smooth, dynamic convergence more fluid;
D. Most owners feel strong, speed: start faster, low speed, labor saving, strong climbing strong overtaking.
Latest FGTECH Galletto 4 BDM-TriCore-OBD With All Adaptors is a very good ecu tunning tools for many brands of cars,trucks,motocyles and so on. The latest version we are offering is V54. Software no need activated, install and use it.
Fgtech galletto 4-Master this new system developed with high-speed USB2 technology is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone. Our system comes furnished complete with all Car, Truck, Motorbyke, Marine, BDM MPCxx , BDM Boot Mode Tricore, checksum.
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