Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool

Reynolds company founder Luis Reno (Louis Renault) named, graphic trademark is up the four diamond pattern, a symbol of the Renault three brothers and the automotive industry integration, "said Reynolds" in the infinite (4D) space in the competition, survival and development. Renault [] in 1898, three of the Luis Reno brothers created Reynolds company in Boulogne billancourt. It is one of the world's oldest car companies and one of the world's ten largest auto companies. The production of firearms and ammunition, aircraft and light tanks in the first World War, the post-war recovery of the traditional production activities, and constantly open up new areas and departments, strengthen the contact with other industrial companies, became one of France's largest industrial enterprises. During the Second World War, Germany and France for the production of weapons and arms, in September 1944 by the French government to take over, Louis Reno was punished. Was nationalized in 1945, the government appointed chairman, composed of management institutions, and use the current name. From 1970 onwards, the company allows employees to buy shares of the company, but the maximum can not exceed 25%. Since then, the rapid recovery and development of the company, and gradually realize the diversification of operations. Renault is France's second largest car company, the main products are Renault brand cars, official vehicles and sports cars, etc.. Renault is one of the most exported vehicles in Germany, and its quality and reliability are also considered to be the first. Now the Renault car company is France's largest state-owned enterprises.
The company produces a wide range of products to the Renault brand cars, but also the production of tractors, agricultural machinery, machine tools, small military engines, bicycles, industrial rubber bearings, etc., at the same time also contracted projects, business car rental, equipment leasing and other long-term credit business. In the domestic ownership and control of many large companies involved in industrial, commercial, financial and real estate industry. Subsidiaries in foreign countries are mainly concentrated in Europe, Africa, North America, Oceania and other places. Products are sold to more than and 150 countries, accounting for the company's turnover of 1/2. In 1993 the company's assets amounted to $35 billion 920 million. Company than the ancient in the suburbs of Paris.
If you have Renault brand cars, you can buy Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool .
Renault CAN Clip diagnosing & programming tool for Renault cars from 1998-2015, the newest software is V151 provide multiple languages, support ISO and CAN, with full chip PCB always stable quality.
Highlights of Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool Plus Newest Software
1. Software version: V151
2. Best Can Clip with full chip PCB support ISO and CAN
3. Diagnose Renault cars (1998-2015) including automatically test all Renault models' computers, reporgramming, airbag test and other functions
4. The firmware can be updated in future by newer software, NO 20% block problem
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