Teach you to repair the car for small problems.

The Jaguar XF teach you to repair the car for small problems yourself traffic on the road, the vehicle malfunction is inevitable things, quick to find the 4S shop, time-consuming. In fact, some just a small fault, some car knowledge, they can be excluded, even if it can't be solved, at least not at a loss what to do, can prevent.
Seen in Europe and America, there is a scene you will certainly not unfamiliar, is a car suddenly smoke, the hero will be parked on the roadside, and then their own hands, a moment to fix the car, continue on the road. In the United States, to master some troubleshooting skills, is the owner of the required course. In fact, the exclusion of some small faults, you can also.
NO1 engine can not be started
Case: Xiao Liu ready to drive home after work, but he found that, no matter how he started, the engine can not catch fire, can put him in a hurry, in the end what is the reason?
Distributor, spark plug, high voltage line etc. is due to rain or moisture and car washing expert interpretation: recent frequent rain, some vehicle parts easy to rain, if so, it will affect the damp parts to start the vehicle, the owner should carefully consider whether they have let the car nacelle inlet condition.
Treatment methods: the first part of the vehicle stalled, will damp dry parts of the car.
Experts suggest: the usual to start the engine compartment lid tightly, try not to open in the rain. Check the battery voltage is enough for expert interpretation: listen carefully if the engine has bared bared sound, if so, it shows you the battery. To prevent the battery suddenly no electricity, the best method is "a distress signal usually pay more attention to their own car out". This signal has the following several kinds of forms: one is the starter does not turn or turn weak, so that the starter can't start; two is the headlights darker than usual; the three is the speaker volume small don't even ring.
Methods: the use of "connecting cable Guojianglong" and other vehicle battery connected to temporary power supply, in order to start the vehicle.
NO2 electric car windows old auto down
Case: Xiaomei's car is a luxury car imports, the windows are the key lift design, but recently in the use process, she found that the main driving side power window when rose to the top, suddenly a mess down automatically, every time she closed the window carefully all the pain.
Sensor start anti pinch function expert interpretation: the general senior car in the design of the power windows will be installed with a anti pinch function, you can avoid the accident caused by personnel injury. In the course of the use of vehicles, if the car door top box set with a part of the object, the window up to this part of the time, the sensor will start the anti pinch function, so that the window down.
Method: to check whether there is a foreign body affecting the window lift, to clean up.
Experts suggest: if only occur in the process of high-speed driving, there may be the reason for the voltage, the need to adjust the 4S shop.
NO3 back door is also closed.
Case: Mr. Xu has recently found his car in the back door is closed, the lock on the door to the car buckle on the hook, causing rear door is not tightly closed. Need to push the door or a number of times to close the door to close the action.
The friction is too large or the body deformation expert interpretation: the need to observe the clearance is serious, if only because of the design or friction problems, with a little oil on the line, but if it is serious, you need to pay attention to whether the body deformation.
Approach: to adjust the door module position and the position of the hook body, so with better; in the lock hook position and grease lubrication, strengthen.
Experts suggest: if it is a new car, the majority of the car door is closed because of the installation of various parts of the cause of the poor. If there is a serious gap with the problem, can be directly to the 4S shop claims, to adjust the gap.
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