Open some hidden function

Did you know that your car can open some hidden function through the software operation?
Have you ever thought of "software update" on your car?
Have you ever seen a professional and technical personnel through the computer and the car can be connected to the exclusion of failure?
To achieve these functions, we have to mention a system called "ECU".
Vehicle also has a LAN ECU network to build vehicle control system
You know, our car is like a mini LAN network, which comprises a plurality of independent electronic control unit "(ElectronicControl Unit ECU)" are connected with each other and exchange data, to achieve control of the vehicle to perform a variety of instructions to us.
The composition of ECU is very similar to the computer, and has CPU processor, memory and input / output interface. Different ECU control different functions, such as engine ECU, transmission ECU, how do they work? Do they have software support? What kind of effect would they have if they were upgraded as an upgrade of a computer? ECU and computer is very similar, it is responsible for receiving signals from various parts of the vehicle sensor, through the inherent internal procedures and comparison, then in accordance with the procedures set is transmitted to the actuator, in order to ensure the normal work of the various parts of the car.
In layman's terms, ECU is like a "driving computer", which is used to control the normal operation of the vehicle. In this computer has been stored in a variety of instructions, the sensor returns the state of the vehicle, the computer automatically screening program and then to perform sensing. For example, the engine ECU module, which is transmitted through the engine sensor data, to control the amount of fuel injection to ensure that the power output unit time. The ECU module of the engine can change the output of power and torque by changing the parameters of the engine.
In addition to the engine ECU module, the general vehicle will have many different kinds of ECU modules, and not individual between these modules and their connection through a similar "Lan" exchange information. Such as transmission ECU module and the engine ECU module requires information exchange, when the automatic transmission requirements rise, the engine will receive information and issue instructions to change the amount of fuel injection.
Through the upgrade can be turned on the car hidden function
Since a similar computer and software control, then it can be upgraded? Professional repair personnel Mr. Hu said, "in the ECU module types, including comfort system ECU, ECU sound system, multimedia system ECU and other types of vehicles in the factory, some of the features are in the closed state, if the demand can be opened by software control form, also is our computer commonly used" brush machine "." For example, the remote control key control window lift, vehicle running automatically locks, electric mirror control programs are closed in some vehicles ECU, professional computer equipment, upgrade control software is completely open.
In addition, we are familiar with ABS, airbags, cruise control, Bluetooth system, the configuration of parts alone can not complete the work. For example, ABS system, when the ECU module detects it to brake signal from the system, and collect four tire braking force, through the calculation of average distribution of the brake force to the various needs of the tire, to maintain vehicle stability.
Other configurations are needed in the ECU module has the instruction program, and collect data according to the data issued in accordance with the procedure of action instructions, hardware conditions, can be realized through software upgrades.
Blind upgrades may cause mechanical damage to the vehicle.
Everyone here has a question, since the vehicle has the function, why not open it? Mr. Hu said, according to the demand for the characteristics of different customers, the factory will make personalized configuration for the vehicle, the vehicle sales, if the user indicates the need for a function, then through technical means of opening.
At present, some modification shop will be on the vehicle ECU module software upgrade, they change the engine parameters to improve the performance of the vehicle. The stability test of automotive products before putting into production after the strict powertrain, chassis assembly and other important system, if the performance of a simple change of the system, other systems may not support, may cause mechanical damage to the car, causing irreversible loss.
However, ECU module software upgrades are required for professional and technical personnel to complete. Mr. Hu stressed that some manufacturers are not certified modification shop, will sell to users is not the authentication software to upgrade the ECU module, this may cause disorder and consequences of undermining the stability of control system, advised consumers not to easily upgrade.
In addition, if the vehicle is a failure, we will be driving computer screen when prompted, technicians will connect the computer vehicle, someone who understands this is mainly to upgrade the software ECU module, troubleshooting. Mr Hu explained that when the vehicle fault display, ECU module of the program will show, when troubleshooting, connect the computer mainly to erase fault memory, otherwise will always display fault.
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