Novice on the road should pay attention to what? Some have many years of experience in the old driver on the road just for novices to provide some small tricks to overcome five major weakness of the new car".
A weakness: the road into blind road
Don't know the way a novice driver the biggest problem, especially for female drivers, driving a more vague sense of direction.
Some novice drivers on the road to adhere to a principle of the familiar route. But the real on the road, will also appear as correctly or not to miss the export turn designed route to go around to end well.
Weapon: the road, look over the map, the main road in the direction, several main branch and key landmark position remember. When you get lost, if you ask for help, then try to find ways to return to their familiar with the main road, and then try to go back to the original route. If the wrong way, especially a turn or U-turn, one-way travel ban on, rather than a way around and return to the original road, don't violate traffic rules.
The two weakness: forget the rearview mirror
To help the driver on the road to the road around the panoramic view tool depends on the rearview mirror. Especially in the line, reversing or overtaking, the rearview mirror is particularly large. A lot of novice drivers on the road, some did not develop the good habit of looking at the mirror, or often due to too nervous, just staring at the front of the vehicle, forget to observe the situation around the vehicle.
Weapon: novice to habit in the rear-view mirror image, and to compare with the physical, know about the distance and direction. On the road is not complicated, road conditions and vehicle speed around the vehicle rearview mirror, pay attention to the novice used to more than just pay attention to the vehicle, to respond to emergencies. However, the rear mirror can broaden the field of vision, there are blind spots, novice in the process of driving to accumulate more experience.
Three: hurriedly change weakness not ready
Novice on the road is not familiar with, often have to go near the intersection to remember to turn or turn around, this time it began to change, the difficulty is significantly increased, and the technology is limited, but also often stuck in the middle of the road. To easily change the way, for the novice, it is definitely a high technical content of the work, especially around the car when the traffic.
Weapon: novice drivers will be far sighted, and pay more attention to road signs and road intersection on geographical indication, need to change road, early preparation, so as to avoid temporary deal. When changing lanes, the lane to see clearly and incorporated into the lane, two lane car after estimating the distance and speed, to ensure the smooth enough time to change the line, waiting for the right time, to turn on the lights to remind car, change lanes when crisp, slightly speed.
Four weakness: the case of gasser children do not understand the speed control
Congested roads, the driver was always worried, in order to get through the intersection, the total driving vehicles regardless of whether skilled frequent Gasser children. Especially some skilled driving old driver must attack Kung Fu especially terrible, even if the gap is not big, also can change lanes Gasser children. In this one step forward on the road, the novice if the control is not good and the car in front of the distance from the front of the car, and the car will be slightly larger, don't take advantage of the success encountered gasser children; gasser children, once slightly faster speed control is not good, will inevitably be a little accident.
Weapon: when a car suddenly queue, novice drivers generally intuitive response is the brake to slow down to avoid, sometimes too tight will make the steering wheel is too large, causing traffic accidents. In this case, with the former car to keep the car from the knowledge is very large, rather than close to a little too far. The other queue when the appropriate speed not to vie with each other, safety first.
Five: a new weakness in the accident panic
In urban areas, general accidents are mostly small accident, but because it is the first time, the novice accident will feel at a loss. In particular, if the other side of the bad attitude, their attitude is the first soft half. Actually not, the old driver is a novice from over the bumps or rear end accident is small a lot of drivers will encounter.
Weapon: novice, kekepengpeng always, once encountered a traffic accident, the first is not to panic. If it is a minor accident, and the other party consultation, should pay attention to their responsibility is still no responsibility, if they lie or a bad attitude, alarm processing. If the accident is large, you should stop to protect the accident site, warning signs placed in the rear bodywork to remind other vehicles around the police and other police to come to deal with. There is a very important part of the phone call the insurance company, the most critical of the claims on their.
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