Diagnostic process of leakage of automotive batteries

Automotive battery leakage is unknowingly to the car off or loss of starting function, many owners have encountered such a problem. Because of its strong fault, so bad judgment is not good diagnosis. Today, small make up the battery leakage diagnostic process to share with you, we want to help.
1, the first inquiry, asked the owner of battery case, if it is in the running process of the vehicle battery is depleted, can first consider the generator or the charging system has a problem.
2, if the vehicle is running all normal, but suspended one day or a few days later, the battery runs out, the first to open the engine cover, check whether there are other battery poles column accidental connection caused by direct short-circuit, check all without ignition switch electric appliances (such as doors, radios, seat heaters, cigarette lighter switch etc.) how often is closing all switches, door and luggage compartment cover.
3, connected to the decoder, switch on the ignition switch, read the fault code, see there is no fault code, if there is, according to the fault code prompt check.
4, if there is no fault code, turn the ignition switch to the off file, remove the battery anode ground wire, in the battery positive lead and battery ground lead series multimeter to Ohm file, in the 1K range in europe. Check the cable resistance, if the resistance is less than 100 ohm, it is the external leakage of the battery; if it is greater than 100 ohm, it is the internal fault of the battery.
5, check the battery external leakage. Disconnect the ignition switch, turn off all electrical appliances, door and back-up cabin, remove the ignition key, disconnect the battery anode ground line, and connecting the DC ammeter between anode and ground negative battery pile head (above the maximum range of 2a), if there is no current meter can also be used to test 5W lights instead of doing simulation test. If the current meter current below 30 ~ 50mA, the lamp test began to shine and then gradually dim, dark red or filament extinguished, is the owner and the leakage caused by careless use.
If the current meter current is greater than 50mA, keep the current meter or try light connection, can use one by one to pull out the fuse wire (in particular, dome, etc.), while observing the change of the current meter or the light and shade of the lamp. If the fuse wire is removed, the leakage phenomenon disappears, that indicates that the fuse wire control circuit has a short circuit problem, and then carefully control the circuit diagram to detect and identify the fault point. There is a very special case: in the case of a single pull out all of the fuse wire, there is still a leakage of the situation, then it should be thought of battery cathode to fuse wire or ignition switch circuit leakage.
6, detection of internal fault battery. First detect whether the battery inside the battery. Normal battery supply voltage should be above 12V, the electrolyte density is 1.26-1.28g / cm, and the height of the liquid level should be in the standard range. The battery discharge tester is used to clamp the positive and negative electrodes of the tester, the positive and negative electrodes are clamped, the test button is pressed, the 12V voltage is continuously discharged after 3-5s, and the voltage indication of the test instrument is observed. If the meter indicates the voltage above 9.6V, indicates that the battery in good condition, but the lack of electricity; if the stability in 10.6-11.6v, indicates that the battery capacity is sufficient; if the voltage is below 9.6V but a value does not move, that the battery is strict
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