Mercedes Benz MB Star C3

In winter on hard and slippery, if the tire maintenance, your car will likely understeer and braking distance is too long is not sensitive traffic safety brake. In the winter before you should first focus on the tire, we recommend that you usually best to keep every two weeks to check the tire pressure correction of good habits. Come with the study of the small series to learn BMW car maintenance knowledge!
1 question: ask the BMW car maintenance cycle is how many kilometers to save money and does not hurt the car?
Answer: BMW's original design, the production of different periods and different models of BMW's maintenance of the intervals are not the same. As of model year 1995 740iL/E38 the oil change intervals around each traveling 10000 kilometers. The 2005 section of the 740Li/E66 of the oil change interval about every more than 20 thousand km (the number of kilometers are just a reference, the actual mileage is the car computer BMW according to the working condition of the engine and automatically calculate the different. As for the oil sporty driving style time and warm type driving style oil change ahead of time). In our work experience, in the general driving in the territory of China in the use of the use of BMW suggested that the interval between the driver for the oil in about 10000 kilometers per ride. As you know, some of the current domestic gasoline quality can not meet the international standard, while the engine at work, some of the chemical composition of gasoline will be channeling into the oil, thereby affecting the stability of oil. In our daily work occasionally encounter some engine with thick sludge precipitation. There are reasons for this relationship between the quality of sludge generated with the usual maintenance interval oil and gasoline, oil and the inferior quality and of course add oil also has a relationship.
2 problem: some BMW owners even in finished tire maintenance (fill tire or plus end gas), the instrument still display tire alarm?
A: in order to improve driving safety, E60, E90 and part of the E66 BMW car system has a tire leak alarm. In the vehicle if there is a flat tire or pressure is not enough, there are warning lights and warning sound at the same time to remind motorists on the meter, when the fill tires or the corresponding tires after gas, must be on the tire pressure detection system to initialize the system set up, otherwise, even if the tyre pressure reaches the standard. Tire warning lights are still burning. Different models of the BMW car initialization procedures are not the same. In the owner's manual can be found in the corresponding models of the initial set up procedures.
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