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Now the car will be equipped with a remote control key and a mechanical key, but most of the features of the car keys are the same. Just make all kinds of!
The lost car keys is a very troublesome thing, spare keys can be used normally, but relatively little car keys and high-end security is, if we want to match the remote control key, (not cheap car hundreds of car, do not have to say) 4S shop to a new "code" the key and the original car to match. The matching is completed, the new key can be enabled, then lost key failure, even if someone picked up your old keys, he also can you open the door by mechanical lock mode, but not likely to start your vehicle. Therefore, the security level of this code has become a major factor in determining the price level. But then a lot of people will be worried, can open my car door is not safe, ah, there is no more secure way to do. Of course, just as the replacement of the lock core, the most rigorous approach is to replace a whole car lock, so the person who picked up your keys will not even enter the door. Help car said the master key:
The vehicle start key: in general, according to the two and second long press this button, the vehicle will start, but there are also many models have started in different ways, such as the first press the unlock button car keys, and then press the lock button, press the start button at the vehicle, the car will start. Of course, this design is also used to prevent the false press the vehicle start button.
Car key trunk key: in the case of the car lock, long press the trunk key of the car keys, the trunk can not trigger the normal opening of the security system. (some models are continuously press two) if the car keys left in the trunk inside, and then closed it? Some models do the design to prevent this situation, if you are lucky, the trunk door induction to the car keys in the trunk, is not closed, if you bad luck, not only the prevention function, pulled out a mechanical key to you, to open the trunk.
Intelligent key keyless start system of induction to the intelligent key: when you press the start button keyless vehicle does not start, the intelligent key near the keyless start button, press the button again, the vehicle will start.
This is because the smart key inside a battery coil, can emit microwaves, and the start button and there was a battery coil, receiving microwave transmitted to the ECU, the ECU analysis key intelligence is not belong to this car, if it is, the vehicle will start.
Of course, there is also the need to explain some of the vehicle battery coil not and keyless start button together, some are in the armrest box, some are in the centre console, so look your car manual.
Car keys to unlock or lock the vehicle failure, how to use?
When the car keys without electricity or disturbed by other signals and cannot unlock or lock when the car keys near the vehicle antenna, press the unlock button or the lock button, the signal selector will receive preferential signal the car keys to unlock or lock.
In general, because the vehicle signal selector are installed in the preferred car near the antenna, so will the car keys to unlock or lock near here, even if the key battery or by other signal interference, can receive weak signal instructions.
If it is not, then can only come up with a mechanical key out of the solution / locked.
Some of the car keys have a red horn button, you have not studied what is the use of?
A according to the key, the car is far from the car park in a corner of the mad called up??????????????????????? It has to find a car and help function, when the suspect has the bad guys near, you can let the car continued to sound horn, causing others to pay attention to.
However, in the middle of the night in the silence of the underground garage, the horn sounded really disturbing too.
Where is the mechanical key of the intelligent key?
Equipped with intelligent key models, in general, the mechanical keys are hidden inside the smart key inside, there are folding, mosaic, and knob type, etc..
Remote control window: this function, there is seasonal (summer) is particularly practical: the hot sun in the car inside the hot ah! If you can find a cool place in the car nearby, let the window open or hot air to get on the bus, how good! Of course, some luxury models, there is a remote control to start the engine and even the air-conditioning function???????????. Try, long press the unlock button for a few seconds, the 4 windows are not open it?
Special remind, because the view of the reasons, some manufacturers of the mechanical key hole on the door handle to hide, so the use of mechanical keys to cover the door handle to open.
Some of the above is the car keys and car keys secret "deal with method of some special cases, multi-function car key in the convenience of our life, but also brings some problems for us, because every coin has two sides, so some owners do not have to have friends over some functions and trouble because, each car keys in the beginning of the design, are considering all aspects of the problem, at least in the problems of maintenance fees, can give you a lot of the rest.
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