In daily life, the owners often meet some small problems, such as the car some screw off the dashboard, there is something wrong with the body, found the noise, rain Water Leakage, these are easy to find, can be repaired, but worrying is that there are some small problems will directly affect the safety of the owners have often been ignored. As a result of accidents. In order to avoid danger, usually should pay attention to the following car is not normal reaction:
A, regardless of the speed of the car, the steering wheel is always kept shaking. At this time, first check the tires, if normal, then sent to the professional car beauty care center to check other mechanical parts.
Two, in a straight line, often turning the steering wheel in order to maintain a straight line. At this time, should look at the tire inflation situation, after correction, if the problem still exists, to auto beauty and maintenance center professional repair inspection.
Three, the car speed of 80-100 km or more speed, the body shaking. At this time, should be quickly slow down until the car until the stability of the body, and then as soon as possible to the professional car beauty conservation center to do the four round of positioning.
Four, the brakes, the car has a tendency to travel sideways, you need to turn the steering wheel to keep the car straight to stop. At this time, should be as soon as possible to the professional car beauty Conservation Center inspection. Under normal circumstances, you can make the brake when the appropriate correction, but if an accident, you will be caught off guard and led to the oncoming car collided or hit the pedestrian.
Five, brake when the lock is found dead, pulley and other phenomena. At this time, to immediately send a car to a professional car beauty conservation center, because in an emergency, the car may be irregular pulley problem.
Six, the exhaust pipe to issue irregular noise. At this time, the exhaust system should be checked as soon as possible, if the exhaust system is faulty, the carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas will enter the car, causing the driver poisoning, fainted or even death.
Seven, pay attention to the car’s steering and brake warning light. When driving, such as the discovery of one of the problems, to use appropriate gestures instead, such as other vehicles on the road can not predict your intentions, it will be very prone to the risk of collision.
Eight, the steering wheel has a lot of clearance, or stop the wheel can still substantially rotate. At this time, should be immediately sent to a professional car beauty conservation center, because the steering system is very dangerous to lose control.
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