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Mercedes Benz repair case analysis
Four wheel positioning
Symptom: four wheel alignment value is lost, the vehicle will feel heavy direction when turning, the back is not good, the tire will appear eccentric wear phenomenon. According to the maintenance statistics Mercedes Benz W140 chassis of the car generally travel about 60000 to 70000 km, due to the damage caused by the suspension of the plastic cover is missing more accurate positioning.
Solution: when the above fault occurs, we must promptly to the repair shop to replace the rubber sleeve, four wheel positioning adjustment.
Spark plug
Symptoms: the poor performance of the spark plug, when you will feel the power of the engine, the car and the rapid acceleration of suck exhaust pipe “process, the sudden sound was driving when the engine idling, jitter and so on.
Solution: it is recommended that you check the spark plug every 30 thousand kilometers to the repair shop to check the spark plug, if necessary, to replace the.
The door body dirty after the symptoms of solar term
Symptoms: the solar term door in the Benz W140 car traveling 20000 kilometers, due to the quality of the air, there will be a lot of dirt at the shut-off valve, when the dirt accumulated to a certain thickness, the engine will start to a car, a car driving after the idle abnormal flameout phenomenon, the solar term door needs cleaning.
Solution: after cleaning, the standard setting can be achieved through the original factory diagnostic instrument.
Clean fuel injector
Symptoms: nozzle dirty, the engine will appear difficult to start, power down, slow, idle shake, take up the engine will not start, black smoke exhaust, seriously exceed the standard.
Solution: cleaning nozzle, cleaning can also put the combustion chamber and the piston top of the coke cleaning off. Recommended 20000 kilometers per vehicle to carry out a free cleaning. So it can avoid the intake system deposit accumulated too thick.
Steering engine oil leakage
Symptoms: W140 Chassis STEERING mechanic package is damaged, there will be many external steering gear oil, the power steering oil loss. Loss of oil serious in the steering will be issued a lot of noise, if not timely repair will make the power pump oil damage.
Solution: found the steering machine oil should be promptly to the repair shop to replace the steering package, to prevent the loss caused by the damage of components of oil power steering system. General W140 chassis of the car traveling about 100 thousand km, the steering engine oil leakage phenomenon is more.
Water pump damage leakage coolant
Symptoms: W140 car pump leakage coolant phenomenon is relatively common. After the pump is damaged so that the coolant leakage, when the coolant loss is serious, it will cause the coolant temperature is too high damage to the engine.
Solution: found that the leakage of water pump cooling phenomenon should be replaced in a timely manner to pump, so as to avoid greater losses.
Fuel pump failure
Symptom: fuel pump is the fuel to the fuel injection pump. A “squeak, squeak” sound before the fuel pump damaged car general Benz W140 chassis, when the fuel pump is damaged, the fuel can be sprayed into the engine, the engine will stop working.
Solution: when the fuel pump abnormal sound, fuel pump should be replaced in a timely manner, so as to avoid the car broke down.
Brake switch damage caused by fault
Symptom: W140 is equipped with ASR system of the car, in the brake switch will be damaged after the ASR lights, sometimes driving can not accelerate.
Solution: when the ASR lamp is lit, it should be used to repair the plant with a diagnostic tester. Generally due to brake switch caused by more than ASR lights.
Failure phenomena of air flow meter
Symptoms: injection system for the ME car, the amount of air inhaled by the engine is by hot film air flow meter to measure. The air flow meter is especially easy to be damaged because of its structure. After the damage, the vehicle appears to accelerate the weakness, black smoke, can not run to the highest speed, no idle and other phenomena.
Solution: it is recommended to clean or replace the air filter in a timely manner. Only when the air in the engine is kept in the engine is often less, can the life of the air flow meter be prolonged.
The lower arm ball head damage symptoms
Symptoms: W140 car chassis of the lower arm ball is damaged, will directly affect the comfort and safety of the car. If your car slowly driving on the bumpy road, abnormal sound of the steering wheel from the “thump, thump”, then there may be damage to the ball under the arm.
Solution: lower arm ball damage need timely replacement, otherwise, at high speed ball head and ball touch, will directly endanger your life.
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