Mercedes Benz MB Star C3 Diagnosis

Since 1886, the first car Benz manufacture of the world recognized the car after the past more than and 100 years, the car has already spent his 100th birthday, and in more than and 100 years, with the vigorous development of the automobile industry, there are many car manufacturers, but also celebrated the moment, but in the end is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Until now, can experience the groundless talk and finally preserved, but three or four, and a hundred years old, only a benz.
In 1885 and 1886, Carle and Gottlieb made their first car in 1883, Carle first established in Mannheim stove, Benz company, 1890 Gottlieb followed up the Daimler Motor Company in Stuttgart. In 1894 and 1896, the two companies were launched the world's first bus car gasoline engine and a gasoline truck, after the competition and the initial stage of development and a postwar recession, the impact of foreign products with the industry in order to survive, the two companies together against the enemy, on 1926 formally established with Daimler Benz company (referred to as Benz Corp), and gave birth to the growth and development of the cradle of the German car. While World War II Benz Corp was also filled with smoke, but after being hit by the fast recovery of the car production. In 1945 1946, began producing trucks, resumed car production, and gradually restore the world luxury car manufacturer's position, how many changes and development embodies the domineering king of increasingly powerful and prosperous Benz Corp. In 1998, the company's leader, Culkin Schrempp (Schrempp Juergen) and the United States decided to merge with the composition of the Chrysler Corporation, the formation of the automobile industry top. The world is convinced that the Mercedes Benz will continue to shape the future of the history of the car.
Brand quality
This powerful Mercedes Benz car empire, headquartered in Stuttgart City, 197 thousand employees, 1993 sales of 59 billion 102 million yuan, annual production of about 1 million cars, 14 subordinate factories in China, the main subsidiary of 35, sales service station more than and 100, it has more than and 50 students in foreign countries
Production and assembly plant and more than 6 thousand and 300 agency and maintenance center, product marketing more than and 190 countries and regions. What is the secret of such a huge success?
First of all, the Benz Corp to produce the car, to see it the name, quality, touch, a mid-range Benz car price is more expensive, but at least can run 200000 kilometers, another engine reopen after 200000 kilometers, so average down is not expensive, the company's advertising stately claimed: "if someone found Benz the car was forced to" anchor "failure, we will give you ten thousand dollars." And the safety design of the Mercedes Benz car is one of the reasons for its reputation. In addition, good service, scientific research guide, seriously manufacturing, the more stable the Mercedes Benz car with the industry's leading position, always protect the brand quality.
Noble product Benz, not only the quality of cars and complete, There is nothing comparable to this, the main production C car (mid-range sedan, coupe), E car (high-grade car, car, car (S), luxury sedan coupe), and G (SUV CAR SUV). The car early production company is divided into Mannheim version and Stuttgart version, since 1936, both the high middle and low car are unified into the same name "Mercedes - benz". The reason to take this name, there is a story. In 1899, Austria Consul General de Emil Jelinek ordered 3 Daimler Phoenix sedan, he used the name of his daughter, named Mercedes, and drove in a nice rally, won the championship. Amir believes that his daughter's name brings good luck, it is recommended Daimler company to use its name. Daimler is also hoping to help it open the Austria aristocracy Austria market, they used this name, did not expect, its sales increased. Later established Daimler Benz Corp will all of its products for the Mercedes Benz.
Mercedes Benz MB Star C3 Diagnosis
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