Ford-VCM OBD Diagnostic

With the continuous development of the automobile industry technology, the automobile manufacturers will have to break the old inertia thinking and the traditional advantages, and strive to keep up with the pace of the times. Now, the car manufacturers are generally realized, by means of external resources can better find the development of technology needed for professional knowledge and human resources, this way than in the past only rely on the internal resources approach has more advantages. Now, Ford and blackberry company announced to form a new partnership to jointly develop the new technology for the Ford unmanned vehicle fleet.
This cooperation is not the first cooperation between the two companies. Now, the BlackBerry company has developed the QNX operating system has been used by Ford for its latest information entertainment system Sync 3. BlackBerry also announced that it will specifically designated an engineer team dedicated to the promotion of the Ford project. The research team will strive to expand the further expansion of the QNX research, while also taking into account the development of BlackBerry security technology software Certicom. Although BlackBerry's share in the mobile phone market continues to decline, but its mobile devices have some of the best security performance. This advantage is particularly important for the company's BlackBerry, as it worries about hacking attacks.
Ford Motor Co and the company hopes to jointly develop a smart, high security and reliability of the system, and to enhance the safety of future automotive products. Both companies are aware of the prospects for the development of automotive interconnect technology. This is particularly important for the BlackBerry company, because it is regarded as the company's survival of the mobile device user base has been declining. The company will still insist on its own mobile phone business, but the company has recently announced that it will go out of the phone business and focus on software development. Unmanned vehicles will become the next generation of mobile devices, basically can be regarded as the combination of computers and mobile phones on the road. So for Ford, and the company has a sufficient reason for the company to form a partner.
By 2021, Ford hopes to have a fully operational fleet of unmanned vehicles. And by 2025, to have the ability to provide users with unmanned vehicle products. The partnership between Ford and the BlackBerry company is a smart move for both companies. Because the BlackBerry company can take this as a leader in the field of unmanned vehicle technology. While Apple has recently abandoned its own unmanned vehicle research and development projects with the high-tech companies, and then turned to focus on the development of unmanned vehicle software technology. To this end, the company has hired some former employees of the BlackBerry company QNX system research and development team. As can be seen from the above, these high-tech companies seem to have recognized the importance of QNX system research and development experience, as well as the importance of the security performance of the BlackBerry software.
Ford VCM OBD Diagnostic Interface is professional device for ford vehicles, Ford VCM OBD has the most functions of ford vcm ids, it is the mini version of ford vcm ids. Ford VCM OBD works on ford car by OBD2 port directly.
It is designed for ford, mazda and other few brand cars, really working very well with those cars 1996-2010, some 2011 cars.
Ford VCM OBD is diagnostic programmer for Ford vehicles 1996-2010. It can connect to various electronic control units (ECUs) and display identification, read and clear fault code memory, display and record measured values and perform actuator tests, some key programmer, etc.
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