LAUNCH X431 Diagun 3 Scanner Original

In November 8th, Audi's global headquarters in Ingolstadt in reply to NBD car mail, and did not deny working with SAIC on the establishment of the joint venture company approached matters. "We do not comment on the speculation about saic." Audi AG wrote in the mail.
NBD car further learned that SAIC to promote the establishment of Audi's second joint venture in China is accelerating the process. On the one hand, the introduction of the Volkswagen Group's luxury brand, has been the direction of SAIC; on the other hand, a series of problems in recent years, the slowdown in the Audi Chinese market, FAW - Volkswagen shares in the adjustment, the FAW Group's cooperation with Audi is no longer the same as the previous indestructible.
However, SAIC Audi is not as smooth as the current exposure. "Audi will not easily decide to set up a new joint venture in the Chinese market." A person close to Audi's NBD car said that the current progress is the two sides are conducting a feasibility study. And had a similar Audi plans to buy Alpha Romeo, this plan chairman Sted and CEO marchioe met many times after finally abandoned in the Audi board.
"A new project to promote, the need for a full range of assessment, but also the need for time." The relevant person close to Audi to NBD in automobile, FAW Audi motor sales company has been discussed for a long time, always failed under the background of "SAIC Audi joint venture" is still a big variable, it is also considered the increase in Audi chips".
Cooperative cause
Sales performance, China market accounted for 1/3 of the world's "red line" has been broken after the profit performance, in China market profits decline in performance is more obvious
Cooperation risk
The distribution of the product level, its models to support the two joint venture distribution -- joint venture model level, the model of joint venture is not completely suitable for Audi Skoda
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 Scanner Original
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 Scanner Original is LAUNCH's newly develpped Universal Scanner which is based on its previous version X431 Diagun. It covers more vehicles than the old X431 Diagun and has some progress to let this machine to be more friendly.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 features and progress as below:
1.X431 Diagun III connects cars through DBScar adaptor by Bluetooth.
2.Powerful diagnostic function let Diagun III 3 works on most of Asia,US and Europe vehicles.
3.More friendly Interface let You now can go into diagnostic system directly after starting machine.
4.Compact design to make it slim on your hands!
5.Compact design makes DBScar connector avoide of dust & oil by window.
6.Diagun III 3 support standard USB printer.You can print diagnostic result.
7.Continually update makes you works on more and more cars.
8.Better battery system makes Diagun III 3 non-stop working for 10 hours!
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III is a newly developed diagnostic computer with full color display screen. By communicating with the powerful DBScar diagnostic connector via Bluetooth or cable, X-431 Diagun III can test almost all the domestic cars and the imported ones from Asia, Europe and America. Meanwhile it features high quality test, upgrading fast any where at any time and synchronized with the newest international models. It’s more credible in quality and performance when compared with other products.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III can be connected to external printer through USB port to print the diagnostic result in real time and support the large capacity TF card to store the diagnostic result.

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