Car key programmer

1 check the belt, replace the lubricating oil at the same time to check, to avoid causing the engine to reduce performance or fault.
At the front of the engine, there are several belts, each of which has an important role to play. In the engine, running through the belt drive auxiliary equipment, such as compressor, air conditioner, alternator, power steering pump etc.. If the belt is broken, or the slip, will make the related auxiliary loss of function, or the performance decline, which affects the normal use of the car. Belt inspection method is very simple. First check the tension of the belt, then you can use the thumb, a strong push of the belt between the 2 belt pulley. According to the pressure of about 10kg or so, if the pressure of the belt in the 10mm or so, it is thought that the belt tension on the right.
2 periodic inspection of the effectiveness of shock absorber, to avoid unexpected vehicle out of control.
If the shock absorber loss, car shock will be great, if in the long road, the vibration is too large, the car hit the chassis, it is extremely serious. When the car has been traveling to 25 thousand km away, you can conduct self inspection. Self inspection method is very simple, as long as the force in the upper part of each wheel pressing, and then let go, watching the car will bounce a few times.
Stop the car in the shock absorber bounce two times, if the car bounces more than two times, said the shock absorber has. If not in time to replace, it will lead to unnecessary tire wear, and even lead to the vehicle out of control.

SBB Transponder Key Programmer Newest Version
–programming new keys
–reading keys from immobilizers memory
–deactivating keys no longer in the car owners possession
–operation by means of a menu guided programming
–programming new remote controls
–software with full database containing all the most important vehicle makes.
SBB Transponder Key Programmer V33.02 is a new device used as a portable unit for programming keys in immo units on vehicles. Due to its integrated hardware SBB needs no more than the OBDII cable provided to carry out a wide range of functions.
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