VOLVO VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool Has High Quality

1 carefully read the owner's manual, according to the specific circumstances of the vehicle using the vehicle.
Although there are owners manual look too much head, and more boring, but the absolute use of the car has a great help. Take the time to carefully read the owner's manual, familiar with the manufacturer's recommendations and help, it is necessary to. In fact, the owner of the maintenance manual is very important, it allows you to learn a lot of knowledge of the car, especially for novice more practical. Many owners will be due to the small fault to the 4S shop for processing, in fact, some small problems in the owner's manual will be able to find the answer. In fact, there are a lot of things is very useful, all kinds of symbols in the vehicle what use, instrumentation and control mechanism, child safety precautions, the new 1500 km running and running after driving notes, in the "owner's Manual" can be found on the maintenance. In the purchase of a new car after, be sure to read the "owner's Manual" maintenance seriously, especially for the novice, if you are not familiar with the vehicle, the owner will not only lead to run 4S shop, spend more time and money, but also cause damage to the vehicle itself. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of vehicles are in accordance with the "owner maintenance manual" on the implementation of the standard.
2 check the spark plug, travel 20000-30000 km that should be replaced.
The spark plug is used to introduce the pulse high voltage electric power produced by the ignition coil into the combustion chamber, and the electric spark ignited by the electrode is used to ignite the mixture and complete combustion. Spark plug electrodes normal color is gray white, such as electrode black and accompanied by burning coke, then there is a fault. Spark plug is easy to consume, the general travel 20000-30000 km that should be replaced. Spark plug replacement is not a sign of fire, or electrode discharge due to ablation and into a circular. In addition, as found in the use of frequently spark deposition, off the fire, usually because of the spark plug is too cold, to be used for hot spark plug; if the issue of the impact of the sound of hot ignition phenomenon or cylinder, you need to use cold type spark plug.
VOLVO VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool At High Quality
Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Communication Equipment, is a tool that is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle. Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software. Software version:2014D.
1. Our Volvo Vida Dice diagnostic tool is in original PCB board desigin (Not cheap J2534). You can use any cracked software you download from internet to our Vida Dice. The firmware can be updated.
2. It was made by high quality IC chips to make sure if has full function.
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