FGTECH Galletto 2 Master Tunning Tool

The new owner of the best he has a record of the new owner of the car himself is best to have a detailed record. For example, when traveling to 5000 km, what to do in the maintenance, up to 40 thousand kilometers, whether the change of brake and so on, must be aware of. For each car maintenance, replacement of parts, are recorded in detail, like the "record card", be well aware of the car. The author also reminded the new owner, must spend some time to see the car's manual, a detailed understanding of the use and maintenance instructions about the car, and to read it as much as possible, in addition also should see more models of the forum, many of the old owners will be a lot of new car owners do not know the practical function the rich network of resources are of great help for better driving, car. Glass quickly remove fog inside the cold weather, sitting in the car too much, the temperature inside the car, the car is easy to produce gas, the glass is easy from the mist, blocking the driver's line of sight, the hidden potential danger. To solve this problem, then, put the switch to wind blowing the front windshield, with hot air, usually to open a file you can; if there is fog on the train, the first open air conditioning, fog soon dissipated, and then open hot air. The tips for autumn and winter travel is also very practical. Often check the oil and water to suggest that the new car should be mainly formed every week to check a good habit of oil and water, to see if they are not enough, the leakage does not leak. If it's not enough, make sure why. Car maintenance knowledge in general, if the decline is not large, basically belong to the normal loss. The oil circuit includes brake oil, gear box oil, engine oil, etc.. Some cars, the gearbox oil can not see, the owner can see where there is no parking leaking. Each run long distance, but also should be fully detected in the car's water, cooling liquid, etc., if the sun, but also check the rain enough to scrape the water.
FGTECH Galletto 2 Master Tunning Tool Plus BDM Adaptors
FGTech Galletto 2 Master BDM-TriCore-OBD Plus BDM adaptors is a famous chip tuning tool for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, Marine, BDM MPCxx, BDM Boot Mode Tricore, checksum. This item cannot only work as FGTech Galletto 2 Master, but can also work for BDM-TriCore-OBD. This FGTECH Galletto 2 is with BDM adaptors make job so easy.
FGTECH GALLETTO 2 MASTER ( BDM-TriCore-OBD ) V11.9. Software version is V52.
(MPC5xx - EDC17 - Infineon TriCore - ST10Fxx - OBD2 (K-CAN)
FGTech Galletto 2 Master this new system developed with high-speed USB technology is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone. Our system comes furnished complete with all Car, Truck, Motorbyke, Marine, BDM MPCxx , BDM Boot Mode Tricore, checksum.
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