BMW ICOM A2+B+C ISID Diagnostic Tool With Newest

For a particular brand of car, due to the use of zero with the same quality control, according to a unified standard, and on the same production line assembly in accordance with the strict process, so the performance index of each engine, there is no significant difference. However, in actual use, the service life of each engine is not the same, some use 500 thousand km without overhaul, and some are less than 100 thousand km, the engine will appear, burning oil, etc.. The same production line produced products, why there will be such a big difference?
The key lies in the proper use and maintenance of the car.
So in the daily use of the car, how to do to do the correct operation and maintenance of it?
1 pay attention to the new car of the close period
Go together in the new period, the engine parts cooperate with each other to rough surface will be removed, gradually formed a relatively smooth surface, improves the surface quality of the parts and the fitting accuracy, to work under normal load. So the working condition of the engine is directly related to the service life of the engine. Vehicle must pay attention to during the period of.
The high speed is prohibited. The car at the speed of the vehicle shall not exceed 70% of the maximum speed of the engine. Long time high speed is not allowed.
The non overload operation, not allowed to overload. As soon as the engine works, it is changed into low gear.
The engine started, not allowed to slam on the accelerator pedal, until the water temperature reaches the normal humidity, then a smooth start. Straight from a block must be used.
I don't drive in a bad way, reduce vibration and shock. In driving should reduce the sudden acceleration caused by overload phenomenon, such as emergency brake, long time brake or use the engine brake, etc.. As far as possible to choose a good road speed, the best results.
Note that the engine coolant temperature, oil level, found that failure to promptly eliminate.
Go right after the end of a car go maintenance.
2 adhere to the first warm car, after the start
Some drivers in the start of the car, often by a few feet close to the accelerator, so that the engine running. As everyone knows, this will cause great damage to the engine parts. Because the engine starting (especially cold start), the engine working humidity is low, the internal parts surface does not achieve sufficient lubrication, if the engine high work load, make the internal parts wear increase, change with the normal clearance.
Good driving habits should be after the engine start, the first pre heating, so that the engine coolant to reach the normal operating temperature (at least to reach more than 50 degrees Celsius), and then to improve.
BMW ICOM A2+B+C ISID Diagnostic Tool With Newest Native ISTAD/P Software
This BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic Tool with latest 12.2015 Rheingold ISID ISIS software + bmw engineer tool( includs E-sys, Inpa, Ediabas, NCS and so on) in 500GB hard disk used on win7 32bit system.
Highlights of BMW ICOM A2+B+C With Newest BMW ISTA Diagnose Software:
1. High quality BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic tool with heat sink and brand new cpu processor.
2. Latest V12.2015 BMW ISTA Rheingold and Engineer Tool in 500GB HDD.
3. All softwares pre-installed without dongle, only need to insert it into laptop.
BMW ICOM A2+B+C is a professional diagnostic & program tool for BMW group vehicles include Mini,Rolls-Royals. It is second generation BMW ICOM with robust construction, faster processor,bigger storage than its previous version.
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