MB Star C3.

Daily car maintenance is very important. A slight effect on daily maintenance will not only cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle, but also endanger the safety of traffic. On the contrary, if the daily work done carefully, not only can make the vehicle to maintain a regular new, but also to avoid traffic accidents. In fact, the daily maintenance work is very simple, simple is: clean, tighten, check, supplement.
One, clean
The air contains a lot of dust, sediment and acidic substances, not only easy to leak oil adhesion, easy to form the high temperature baking insulating layer hard, the heat dissipation performance of parts of the variation, and it is prone to electrostatic adsorption and the erosion of the body paint, paint and oxide.
We should not only pay attention to the general clean car paint clean, also want to pay attention to the car interior, car engine, car air conditioning and cleaning wheel etc..
Two, fastening the vehicle after cleaning, it is to be on the connection of the fastening. Due to vibration, bumps and swing of the dry line, the connection piece is bound to be loose and wear. Therefore, in the daily maintenance should be timely tightening. The connecting piece fastening daily work is directly related to traffic safety, especially the important parts of steering, braking, transmission, must not be let down. If the engine around the joint of the hose to tighten, anti oil leakage. Secondly, fasten all the lines and connectors for electric equipment, electric equipment to work normally prevent open circuit and short circuit and ground effect etc.. Again, the main connection parts for inspection and fastening, such as the generator drive belt, steering linkage brake device connection point, the transmission system and tires, etc..
Three, check the connection parts, should check the oil liquid height and quality, because the liquid at high temperature will gradually loss and oxidation and lead to lower level of the liquid and performance change. 1, check the battery level.
With a diameter of 5 N 6mm tubes from the liquid inlet and the vertical force to screen after contact is closed with the thumb of the lift tube tube, measuring the height of liquid column is the battery level, standards should be 10 N 15mm. 2, check the oil level height of the car cold dipstick out, wipe, into oil pan bottom, after observing the height between the upper and lower line. The car should be stalled, the oil into the oil pan after measurement. 3, check the coolant level the height of the car cold cooling liquid in the tank is full, the expansion tank level should be in line. The hot liquid height should be slightly higher than. 4, check the brake fluid, liquid level to unscrew the bolts, direct observation of liquid level in the specified range of markings. 5, check the quality of oil, whether it is the oil, can use the following methods to check.
(1) the appearance of law: check oil samples taken, if more transparent, not that serious pollution; if a fog, while oil seeps in the water; if a grey, may be lead or other abrasive contamination; if is black, it is polluted by high temperature exhaust gas. (2) diffusion method: a drop of oil samples will be taken on the filter paper, if the diffusion is very wide and there is no obvious difference between the oil droplets and the diffusion zone, it shows that the oil is clean and good.
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