Although it was autumn, the weather is still hot. Under high temperature, the car to bear a high load operation, mechanical wear and aging tired than usual a lot worse... So, today Xiaobian to introduce several car maintenance tips, check it out!
1, interior to often clean, sterilization
High temperature many owners do not often open windows, and in order to air conditioning wind, and often only choose the inner loop. A long time, the car will become particularly turbid air, then, the interior will be particularly vulnerable to the breeding of bacteria. So, be sure to regularly clean the interior, in order to ensure the fresh air in the car.
You can buy some of the interior cleaning agents to clean, you can also go to the car beauty shop to carry out a thorough cleaning of the interior.
2, engine maintenance
We should try to choose some high viscosity oil, because the viscosity of oil will change with the increase of temperature. When the temperature is higher, the viscosity of oil will be decreased, the oxidation resistance becomes worse, and the oil film formed in the engine is thin and uneven, which is easy to cause trouble.
In addition, in order to ensure the sufficient lubrication conditions, should be based on the use of the range of temperature, the temperature of the engine and the actual condition chooses the corresponding viscosity lubricating oil.
3, to prevent the car from spontaneous combustion
High temperature and hot weather is also a high incidence of auto ignition accident. Spontaneous combustion of the car will not only cause economic losses, but also may cause casualties, need to pay more attention to. There are many reasons to cause the spontaneous combustion of automobile, such as engine fuel filter, line fault, power line aging and so on.
4, explosion-proof tires
Due to the higher temperature inside the tire pressure is high, the weather is hot, too high or too low tire pressure is easy to cause the tire abnormal heating moment expansion burst, so we must pay special attention to frequently check the tire pressure, which were maintained within the normal range.
In addition, in the long time driving or high speed tire easily overheat, but pressure increased, this time should stop heat, no gas pressure or water cooling.
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